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We believe that a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and the school community is vital for the success of our students. The NEST serves as a bridge between home and school, working together to enhance the educational experience and overall well-being of our children. By fostering open communication, hosting engaging events, and fundraising for impactful initiatives, we contribute to the holistic development of our school community.




We facilitate effective communication between parents, teachers, and the school administration to ensure that everyone is informed about school events, policies, and opportunities for involvement.


Community Building

We organize various events and activities that bring families and staff together, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie within our school community.



Through fundraising initiative, we raise funds to support educational programs, extracurricular activities, and other needs identified by the school. These funds directly contribute to enhancing the learning experience for our students.



Through our volunteers, we are able to provide a variety of activities, events, and programs that further enrich our students and community.


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VP, Fundraising

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Treasurer Elect

Cheri Chandler


Interested in  joining the Hickman NEST leadership board or supporting committee? 

Please email: 


Committee Chairs:

Social Media: Consuelo Portela, email:

Military Families: Melissa Berry, email: 

Dads and Grandpas: Vacant

5th Grade: Ashley Agustin, email:

Newsletter: Dominique Fite, email:

Yearbook: Ana Aquino, email:

Maker Space: Vacant

Fundraisers: Dominique Fite, email:

Running Club: Jill Nery, email:

Heritage Night: Vacant

Science Night: Vacant

Movie Night: Vacant

Fall Festival/Hickman Hallows: Ariel Shostak, email:

Garden and Beautification: Liezel Labios, email:

New Family Liaisons: Lisa Autus, email:

All Committees need help to achieve success for our students.

See something that interests you or have a suggestion? Let us know!

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