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Our Science Night initiatives have united our dedicated volunteers, involved families, and supportive community in creating an enriching and dynamic environment for our students. Through collaborative efforts, we've continually enhanced the school setting, fostering a vibrant space that inspires scientific curiosity and exploration. Together, we've cultivated an environment where learning thrives and the wonders of science come to life!


We're thrilled to share the incredible success of our recent Science Night, held on Wednesday, November 8th. The return of Science Night was a momentous occasion, marking its triumphant comeback since the last event in 2019, pre-pandemic.


Our Hickman Families have always been known for their professional science acumen, and it was truly heartwarming to witness their enthusiastic participation in this event. We're immensely grateful for everyone who contributed, attended, and made this night a remarkable success.


The turnout for Science Night was beyond amazing, and we hope that everyone who joined us had a blast, learned something new, and left feeling excited and inspired about the wonders of science. The evening was filled with engaging activities and informative stations, catering to various levels of scientific curiosity and diversity across several scientific fields. This success wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable support and enthusiasm from our wonderful volunteers.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to both Hickman Family members and our broader Mira Mesa community, including local professionals, who graciously hosted tables and stations. Their efforts provided an array of fun activities and enlightening information for all attendees.


Looking forward, we invite all interested individuals to consider getting involved and helping to plan or host a table for next year's Science Night. Your participation and ideas are invaluable, and your involvement would significantly contribute to the success of future events. Please consider volunteering with the NEST to be a part of this exciting planning process.


A special acknowledgement goes to our dedicated Hickman staff, Thelma, Sam, and Matt, whose expertise and guidance were instrumental in figuring out the logistics and providing invaluable tips for hosting such a successful event.


Once again, thank you to everyone who made Science Night a night to remember. We're already looking forward to the next event and the amazing scientific discoveries and fun it will bring.


Warm regards,


The Science Night Planning Committee

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